5 Features In Shopify Plus That Will Enhance Your Business Sales That Magento Enterprise Lacks

5 Features In Shopify Plus That Will Enhance Your Business Sales That Magento Enterprise Lacks

Shopify plus is a fully-hosted enterprise e-commerce platform that will enable you to design a great site. With Shopify plus, you will not worry of insecurity issues as professionals will host your website and scan all virus available. Also, you will not lose valuable data as they will be secure with regular backups. Shopify plus is a platform that you need to give a priority as it has advanced features that Magento enterprise lacks. These features will enhance your business sales. Here they are:

Integration with Facebook

Facebook is a social network with millions of users. In this essence, if you use Facebook to market your products, you will get a massive number of customers. With Shopify plus, you will get an opportunity to integrate your site with Facebook. With this, more customers will come across your site and visit your store to make purchases which will lead to an increase in business sales.

Shopify plus offers discount codes and free shipping feature

Everyone loves to shop from a store that offers promotions. In this essence, if you provide them, customers will choose you over your competitors. Shopify plus will enable you to create a site that will offer discounted products and free shipping. Because everyone loves to save money, more customers will choose your store over your competitors’ which will increase your sales. In this essence, you need to select Shopify plus as Magento enterprise does not have this feature.

Multiple sales channels

Listing your products on various sales channels is crucial as your products will reach both international and local customers. Customers use different channels to search for the best deals online. Shopify plus is a multi-channel friendly which will allow you to list your products in large marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Facebook. Because many customers visit these marketplaces as they believe that they are reliable, you will increase your business sales.

SEO feature

Another crucial feature that Magento enterprise lacks is the SEO. For the Magento enterprise, you will have to add this feature. However, Shopify plus comes with this feature. The SEO will enhance ranking on search engines to make it easier for customers to find you which will drive traffic to your site and increase sales.

Inventory management feature

Knowing the products that are out of stock is crucial as you will not miss essential sales. Shopify plus will automatically manage your inventory to offer the best customer experience. With this, you will retain your customers as they will be sure to find their products anytime they need them.

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