4 Ways To Enhance The Customer Experience By Using Shopify Plus And Magento Enterprise

4 Ways To Enhance The Customer Experience By Using Shopify Plus And Magento Enterprise

Customer experience is an essential factor in an enterprise e-commerce business. This experience can lead to website traffic and increase in sales. In this essence, you need to use an excellent enterprise e-commerce platform with advanced features to enable you to build a site that will offer the best services to customers. You can use either Shopify plus or Magento enterprise to help you with this. Let’s have a clear view of the way to enhance the customer experience by using Shopify plus or Magento enterprise:

Ensure the platform you use to create your site has a customer review

Customer review can turn visitors into customers and repeat customers. With a customer review feature in your site, you will allow customers to write a review of how they feel about your products. If you have positive reviews, more customers would wish to purchase your products. With the negative ones, you can comment and suggest ways that will help you improve your products.

 Shopify plus comes with the review feature. For the Magento enterprise, you will have to add the review icon to give customers a room to rate your products. By doing this, other customers will view you as a trustworthy seller and will purchase your products.

Ensure that the check-out process of your site is short and clear

Because these two enterprise e-commerce platforms are customizable, you can change the lengthy and complicated check-out process to short and precise. With this, customers will use a few minutes to find a product of their choice. Also, with integrated payment methods, you will make it easier for customers to purchase and make payment quickly.

 Shopify plus has integrated payment gateways while for the Magento enterprise you will have to look for a third party to provide these payment methods. In this essence, you will enhance customer experience, and they will choose you over your competitors.

Ensure that the platform you are using supports mobile device

In this era, mobile device is a crucial tool for shopping online. Due to this, you need to make sure that your site supports all mobile devices. Hence, you need to select Shopify plus with responsive templates to enable you to create a responsive website. For the Magento enterprise, you need to code it in a way that customers will browse your site easily any mobile device.

Create a site with a high loading speed

As you know, no one loves to spend hours waiting for your site to finish loading. In this essence, you need to create one that loads faster on search engines to enhance customers’ experience. For Magento enterprise, you need to code your site properly to enhance loading speed. The Shopify plus platform comes with Google fonts that improve the speed.

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