Shopify Plus: A Quick Look at The Enterprise Ecommerce Platform’s Pros & Cons

Who is Shopify Plus suitable for? How does Shopify Plus compare to Magento Enterprise? What are the pros of using Shopify Plus? Read and find out!

Shopify Plus is a relatively new version and it has been designed to meet the needs or enterprise-level and medium-sized businesses.

Shopify Plus is one of the most popular platforms for online retailers who are looking for a platform with lower technical requirements, simple admin, managed scalability, and a simple order management functionality. Lots of mid-sized companies are moving over to Shopify Plus and we will tell you why.

Even though some people think it is not a direct competitor to Magento Enterprise version, the users are saying otherwise.

In this article, we will share the pros and cons of Shopify Plus, reveal who Shopify Plus is suitable for and how does Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise compare.

Shopify has a lot of great advantages becoming the world’s most scalable and robust platform for those online retailers that are suitable for the solution:

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1. Cost of ownership: There is no specific monthly fee for Shopify Plus, however, the pricing structure for Shopify starts from $1500-$2000 which most retailers have been on. The price usually depends on the size of your company, the products you sell, and your profit. The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that there are no extra ongoing maintenance expenses, there are zero hosting fees, and no support retainers. The only charge comes if you are utilizing an external payment gateway (the transaction fee is 0.15%).

2. SaaS (Service-as-a-Service) platform: By using a SaaS ecommerce solution like Shopify and not a self-hosted platform like Magento, you can use the time and money you would be spending on hosting your site or preparing for tech issues and put them into your product development and marketing strategies. We agree that there are benefits to self-hosted platforms, for retailers who are bored with managing web hosting relationships, but for those who want to focus on their business, and not worry about these kinds of things, Shopify is a better choice.

3. Scalable platform: Shopify Plus is a specially designed platform that takes scalability pretty seriously. This is included as part of the monthly fee and it is completely managed by the qualified internal engineering Shopify’s team.

4. Easy to maintain: Shopify Plus has low maintenance overhead with no tech issues or system updates to worry about. All of this is handled by Shopify as past of the monthly fee. All Shopify Plus users have their own Account Manager who is here to provide basic guidance and help with technical issues. This reduces the need for any kind of maintenance or support team which would be required with other ecommerce platforms, for example, with Magento.

The user target for Shopify Plus is divided into two categories – large brands with a small and simple catalog of products and mid-sized companies with growing needs and product catalogs. Shopify Plus is perfect for mid-sized and large companies who want to develop a better catalog management, handle things like product types and attributes, and increase suitability.

There aren’t many things that Shopify Plus can’t accomplish. The only downside is that it is not as flexible as Magento. There are things that Shopify Plus does and Magento doesn’t and reverse. Shopify Plus isn’t designed for complex stores, B2B stores or international stores which are also Magento’s biggest strengths.

Shopify is a powerful solution for brands who don’t have complex requirements, are looking for a solution with a lot less maintenance, and retailers who have a lesser technical knowledge.  



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